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pumpIt’s amost unimaginable that there are still people who do not know that, despite the first amendment, one cannot joke about explosives anywhere near an airplane or airport. Just like jokingly yelling fire in a crowded theatre isn’t a particularly smart move.

This guy however never got the memo …

4 Responses to “Is that a penis pump in your pocket, or …”

  • deannie says:

    my gawd…just because his momma was there…

  • Paul says:

    Well .. you have to admit: that was kinda embarrassing, wouldn’t you say?
    For that reason I never bring my penis pump along when I travel with my mom! Never.
    Yet, he should have made up a slightly different ‘alternative’ story.

    By the way, what’s up with all these penis pump stories lately? First there was this guys, and now this nutcase …

    Anyway, Deannie .. you made my day! *proud look*
    You are my first registered user!
    And even left a comment.
    Thank you!

  • Courtly says:

    No kidding… “home blood pressure tester” would be my thought, considering they’re talking about the black rubber bulb.

    Then again… who brings along sex toys when travelling with their mom? Sure, if you’re travelling with a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a gang of polyamorous friends (good luck joining the ‘mile high’ club in teams, yikes!) … and most especially if one is travelling alone.

    But with your MOM? “Ew,” as Bev has been known to say, “Ick”.

  • Paul says:

    “home blood pressure tester”
    You’re a genius!
    Or is that how YOU always explain it on all your travels? ;-)
    If you call it a “localized blood pressure enhancer” you’re not even lying!
    But still .. yes .. let me quote Bev (I’m afraid that girl will never talk to me again, but that’s another story) too: *ICK*

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