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donaldI’d like to introduce a new category for my blog: NCOTW, or, “Nutcase Of The Week”

In it, I’d like to mention a person who, in my view, deserves that label. All the combined posts in this category form my list of people to avoid at all cost.

The first person to receive this ‘honor’ here is Donald E. Wildmon.

He’s the founder and head of the American Family Association. (I expect many nominees in this category to be ‘public’ figures)

What happened?

Walmart, just like many many other companies ( comes to mind), has an affiliate program that pays you a small bonus when people order something through a so called click-through link on your website. Basically a small commission for sending buyers their way. Good business practice I think. Walmart has some 23,000 organizations signed up for that program. One of those organizations happens to be a small obscure gay community. Someone actually ordered something through that click-through link, and Walmart paid them $4.17 in commission. Read that again: Walmart paid a member of its affiliation program $4.17 for sending a buyer its way.

Enter Donald Wildmon, the founder and head of the three million member American Family Association.

He sent THEE MILLION EMAILS (how far are we with those anti-spam laws anyway?) to his flock, urging them to boycot Walmart for ‘supporting homosexuals’. Other Christian organizations are now following his example (especially¬†after one of them found out that Walmart sold the, oh horror, ¬†“Broke Back Mountain” DVD), but Donald started it, so, fair is fair, HE gets my vote! Not that I think he’ll make a big impact with this, after all, his earlier call to boycot Disney Corporation for allowing gay couples into Disneyland didn’t exactly bankrupt Disney, but still.

Ironic is that Walmart, not exactly the most ‘progressive’ corporation around, just announced that it will put ‘Christmas’ back into its slogans. Something Donald’s club persuaded Sears, Lowe’s and Target to do. You’d think that that outweighs paying a gay website $4.17. But no. Principles are principles and gays are scary and dangerous.

Donald, you’re one scary and dangerous fruitcake nutcase!

(I can’t help wondering what Donald’s take on Ted Haggart’s mishap is, but I fear the worst)

Link to one of the many articles on this.

2 Responses to “A new category”

  • kr8tr says:

    Paul, it is nearly impossible to underestimate the rationality of many people. Unfortunately some of these people are in positions of power (political, business) and can regretfully have more of an impact on humanity than they should.

    At the end of the day though, the assholes are still assholes, and people *will* realize that. Until then, the rest of us need to stay vocal against the ignorance – especially against their campaign to keep people ignorant.

    Blogging is going to be huge in this battle, so keep doing it.


  • Paul says:

    Rob, I envy your optimism when it comes to people’s rationality.
    I really wish I could see, and share, that.
    But, with a nation like America, widely regarded as the more ‘civilized’, rational, educated and modern country in the world, having over 50% of its inhabitants believe in proven nonsense like astrology, and where TV programs covering ‘talking to the death’ are amongst the most popular .. I remain skeptical… and pessimistic.

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