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10 years afterI recently sent youtube video links to a good friend of mine.

It was about music we listened to in the sixties (yes, we’re that old, even though the friend in question is in denial).

One of the clips was of a studio rehearsal of the band “Ten Years After” with our then-God Alvin Lee on guitar.

My friend pointed out one of the comments. It was a short, one sentence, very simple comment. But I laughed my ass off!

It simply stated: “The bass player needs to switch to decaf

For maximum effect, turn OFF your sound (play it again WITH sound, it’s GOOD!) and play the clip with this comment in mind (the organ player is “on something” too, as my wife pointed out).

The clip I had here doesn’t work anymore. I found a link to the same session, but it takes a bit longer before it gets to the part of the over-enthousiastic bass-player.
Find it here: link

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